Day 21 | 21 day challenge

  • Day 21 weight: 69.6 kgs
  • Cumulative weight loss since start: 5.6 kgs

If you cannot see the Day 21 video above, please click here to view.

So its done. 20 days of running and eating well and the Day 21 weight is 5.6 kgs less than Day 1. Am I happy or what! It always seems impossible till its done.

Frankly when I started off, I had no idea that I will lose over 5 kgs. I just thought let me see how much I can do, while going about my normal day to day activities. While this does demonstrate that the 3P method is not only for organisations, but even individuals can use it to fix personal issues; at the same time it proves yet again that if you set your mind to something, you almost always achieve it….’almost’ always.

A habit of asking questions and reframing a problem that we are trying to fix always gives a new perspective; and this allows newer opportunities for ideation. Let us not be afraid to question convention.


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