A move like the demonetization of higher denomination Indian currency bills, with deep impact in the lives of every Indian, appears drastic at first look. Months of planning would have gone behind its announcement and deployment.

Everyone wants to be innovative. People do. Organisations do. So do governments. This is not only for the sake of being different, but being innovative is necessary for survival today. Everyone’s understanding of the path to innovation is different. Irrespective of the path that one follows, what is critical is to be human centric. It is the end user who helps co-create value for products and services.Order-150x150

In a first of its kind, this book by iDream founder Parthajeet Sarma and co-authoured by Sibani Sarma, uses a fictional story in the backdrop to demonstrate a 3-step approach towards innovation. The Probe-Ponder-Prove method or the 3P Method.

This first version of the book is like a prototype and is an experiment in itself. Prototypes are made to secure feedback and use such feedback to improve any product or service.

Readers are requested to leave their comments and suggestions, to enable an improved second version.

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