In innovation driven initiatives, there is a tendency to quickly jump to a solution without first getting the problem clearly defined. One often ends up finding solutions for wrongly defined problems. This tends to further complicate things or ends up being a waste of time and money.

Organisations and society can save millions of dollars by not rushing into a solution. People can save themselves a lot of trouble by not allowing quick-fix solutions. There is a structured way towards finding solutions; in three simple steps. The three steps are probe, ponder and prove, and the method is called the 3P Method. This technique can be used by individuals, by organisations and by society at large.

This course is about this simple problem solving technique. The course curriculum consist of a combination of videos, reading materials and evaluation quizzes. This crash course usually does not take more than one week to complete.

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One can also read more about the unique technique in the popular book “The Rich Labourer” here. The book takes a fictional twist to allow the reader to easily understand the method through the day to day application by the characters of the story.