Rose or Team…Namo?

roseI had to go looking for a red rose at the crack of dawn today. The breakfast table looked somewhat like this picture today.

Before you jump to conclusions, I am happily married when I last checked. Mothers of my elder daughter’s class at school decided that all children in her class will carry a rose each and surprise their class teacher at assembly today. Its teachers’ day…a mark of respect for India’s past president Radhakrishnan! All decided over whatapp!

Soon we will have childrens’ day….which honours past Indian Prime Minister Nehru’s love for children. I will wait to see what I have to do at the crack of dawn then.

Class homework is shared over whatsapp by tech savvy mommies, PTA meetings are organized over whataspp, protest meetings at school are organized over whatsapp. It is like my daughter will grow up illiterate if there was no whatsapp.

Many say that the last general elections in India were won on the power of social media and a very strong database. The Namo fever refuses to die out. When Namo gifted a copy of the Gita to the Japanese emperor, it is turned into a social media controversy. Someone said that the former PM, Manmohan Singh handed over the same gift to Prez Obama. Did he? No one heard seem to have heard about it.

Now I wonder, if we had to celebrate certain days in the year in honour of our Prime Ministers and Presidents, what day will it be for Namo? Tea day or Social Media day? With news of Makaibari tea being sold at over Rs. 100,000/kg and the tea garden workers paid a pittance, I would vote for a Tea Day! It will go a long way in improving the lives of such workers, and maybe do a bit for the tourism of Assam and Darjeeling!