Less is More

Now, instead of losing weight, I gained about 500 gms since yesterday! Like I had mentioned earlier, I am not sticking onto one strict daily diet; it is very tough, given that like most of you, I am a social being and also have work to do.  So I try and do my best as I go about attending official meetings and meeting people socially. It is not possible to keep on saying no to every coffee which is being offered to you, check out the latest liver health formula reviews.

More importantly though, I am not worried about a bit of daily yo-yo with the weight, as long as I am losing over weeks. I continue to keep experimenting with the kind of foods I am taking. A social media comment on one of my earlier updates mentioned that even consuming one chapati during these times may show up as a 1 kg gain sometimes. Strange are the ways the body behaves.

Along with the food, I also decided on a change of scenery today. So instead of the park that I usually go to, I ran on the beach today. A change of scenery often makes things a bit more interesting as you see new people and new things that they indulge in. A beach is such a microcosm of universal human behaviors. Change is something that I strive upon and is one of the reasons that you see me doing things like this. Change is something that all of us must embrace in our personal and professional lives, to stay relevant.

20 thoughts on “Less is More

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