Giving my vote away

This morning , started a GIVEAWAY of my book, “Smart Phones Dumb People?” Go ahead and register yourself on the link below and you can stand a chance to win a free copy of the same.


I am new to these giveaways and was pleasantly surprised to see upwards of 350 people sign up in a matter of hours! Talk about the power of social media.

I was mulling around this word “giveaway”. I think last week I did a vote giveaway!

No, I did not ask someone to do a proxy for me. I did brave the 39 degrees C afternoon sun to cast my vote and take a picture of my finger. My finger looks the ugliest amongst all the manicured fingernails on social media…never seen so many fingers together in recent times! So coming back to my giveaway, I voted for someone who I know is not going to win in my constituency. But I felt he was the best choice.


My voting for someone who I know for sure is not going to win, is, in a way, an equivalent of NOTA, because I know Mr. Nice Guy is not a real contender to win. Often you will find that the candidate you like has no budget or the backing to be on TV and social media every second.  The candidate, who is on TV every second, cannot be earning that kind of money to fund such promos the right way. Can he/she be?

So should I vote for the person who I know will win the election, because he may bring about change? Or should I vote for someone who I know will not win, but is the kind of guy I like, and who truly wants to cleanse the system? If I vote for him, my one vote is equivalent to NOTA. Now, if people voted with logic and opted either for ‘Mr. Nice Guy” or for NOTA, I sense that NOTA might win in many constituencies.

If NOTA wins in a constituency, then what? Re-election? If re-election happens, will the parties fronting ‘Not so nice guys’, put forward a ‘Nice guy’ during the re-election? Will the ‘system’ get cleaned slowly like this, perhaps over a generation?

I kept wondering…what is the meaning of NOTA if it cannot bring about meaningful change? Was my nice guy vote a giveaway?

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