Day 9 | 21 day challenge

  • Day 9 weight: 72.2 kgs
  • Cumulative weight loss since start: 3.0 kgs

If you cannot see the Day 9 video above, please click here to view.

I gained 200 gms since yesterday. No particular thing that I can attribute this to. It does not matter, as I now realise that the loss from here on will be through yo-yos. As long I am losing on a weekly basis, its fine.

Nonetheless, I ran an extra kilometre. It was like a reset. I kept my mind blank. It felt good.

At work, some days just get out of hand. The workload is heavy, and still the emails and calls flood in. The pace can seem frenetic, and the constant interruptions not only disrupt your actions but your thought process as well. You move so fast you feel unproductive and sloppy. On those days I go for a jog to clear my mind. Running outside gives a break from the immediate chaos. Separation from the action helps my mind let go of the immediacy of issues. I think the release of endorphins lifts the mood and begins to break the stress. I start on a blank slate again.

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