Day 4 | 21 day challenge

  • Day 4 weight: 72.8 kgs
  • Cumulative weight loss since start: 2.4 kgs

If you cannot see the Day 4 video above, please click here to view.

So I lost 900 gms since yesterday. I had lots of watermelon and I have seen that whenever I have lots of watermelon, the result is very good.

As you might have seen in the video, I speak for a few moments on a thought that I focus upon, while I run. It not only helps to focus, but the single minded attention to a loosely held thought, allows me to formulate a stronger and more focused opinion on that thought. A thought gets sorted out when I focus on it. In the day to day running around, hardly do you get time to think; so I use this time in the morning as that ‘me’ time. When I am not thinking about work, I usually use this time to sort out personal things, in my mind. Its like a board meeting with yourself.

Some of these thoughts (the non-personal types) have found their way to my latest book “The Rich Labourer“.

In the past, I have tried jogging/walking in the evenings after work and also after dinner. But somehow, I have found the morning hours to be working best for me. This is the time which allows me to maintain some regularity, due to a lack of interference from mobile phones and other social commitments. In any case, I think ‘getting it out of the way’ first thing in the morning, is like ‘eating the frog’ in the beginning. After you have had the frog, everything else seems easy.

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