Day 15 | 21 day challenge

  • Day 15 weight: 71.3 kgs
  • Cumulative weight loss since start: 3.9 kgs

If you cannot see the Day 15 video above, please click here to view.

I lost 100 gms since yesterday. Energy levels are still up. So I have surely hit the plateau now.

As I talk about ’empathy’ today in the video, I am reminded of the fact that, on a day-to-day basis, we meet so may varied people….some who demonstrate a lot of empathy and some who do not. It is not that the people who do not demonstrate much empathy are bad people; it is just something which does not come naturally to them. However, the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others, is something which can be cultivated. The first step towards that is to listen more to others. I have seen people change by doing so. The more you practice listening, the better you’ll be at reading a person’s emotions through their words, tone, and micro expressions.

I like to think that I listen well. Whatever I am doing now with my diet has been picked up from all the listening that I have done; one of the biggest advantages of listening is that you get a lot of free advice. Some of that advice is working for me now; so thank you to ‘you know who you are.’

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