Day 10 | 21 day challenge

  • Day 10 weight: 71.8 kgs
  • Cumulative weight loss since start: 3.4 kgs

If you cannot see the Day 10 video above, please click here to view.

So I am finally in the house of 71! It took quite a bit of time to pass through the house of 72.

I slept late last night and got up late today. I had stopped setting the alarm clock and relied more on the body clock. Well, sometimes the body clock goofs up too, especially when the weather is good. Things do go wrong.

That reminds me of ‘optimism bias’. Have you heard of it?¬†Optimism bias, originally referred to as unrealistic optimism (Weinstein, 1980), is the tendency of individuals to underestimate the likelihood they will experience adverse events. I think this is a trait that is ingrained in humans and is a trait very necessary for survival. We just need to be cautious; sometimes when we are going for a meeting we tell the other side that it will take 30 mins and it ends up taking 45 mins in the end. That is because the mind usually does not take into consideration possible problems along the way like traffic, accidents, road closure, etc.

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