Day 1 | 21 day challenge

Starting weight: 75.2 kgs

In my latest book, “The Rich Labourer“, in a unique style I use a fictional story in the backdrop to accentuate the “3P Method“, a simple problem solving technique. This is a method which can be used by organisations, individuals and society at large to solve problems. Amongst other things which happens in the protagonist’s life, he manages to lose weight by adopting this method.

I always encourage feedback on my books and I often speak with critics and readers to get feedback, so that I can improve on my writing. I met a reader recently, who seemed a bit unconvinced that the 3P method can be used to achieve personal goals like losing weight. Well, of course it can be. I have used it myself to solve personal problems, and I know of others who have done it too. Nonetheless, since the question was around the topic of weight loss, I decided to try it myself. I decided to take a challenge; a 21 day challenge to lose about 5 kgs.

I mostly eat ‘right’ on normal days. I am also an ‘occasional’ light jogger. For the 21 days, I will become a daily jogger and will also modify my diet a bit for maximum impact. No, I do not have any one diet to follow; but I will experiment. Perhaps, in the end, I will know what works and what does not. Then, I will be able to cook up the ideal diet plan.

My daily updates will appear in the form of videos, with videography help from my wife. While running, I like to focus on one single thought; so you will hear me speak out my thought in focus, at the end of the run. I have always found it helpful to stay focused on one fresh and single thought while jogging; it helps me forget the aches and the sweat. 

21 thoughts on “Day 1 | 21 day challenge

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